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“GO AND SPREAD THE GOSPEL” is what Jesus told us, the disciples of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

And the field is ripe; HE is still searching for the willing souls to work with the Holy Spirit to reap the abundant harvest.

Our C.S.I St. John’s Tamil Church heard and heed to His call.
We have a very active “Out Reach Ministry Cell” which includes all those willing to share the burden of the Holy Spirit.

To reach as many as possible with the good news, “Each one Catch one”

1. To feed the sheep (Believers attending the Church)
2. To bring back the ones strayed (backslidden)
3. To win the ones outside the pen (new souls)

1. To identify the camps where Gospel can be shared
2. Pray for those camps in our Cell prayer meetings
3. Form a group of two or three and visit the camps and share the Gospel
4. Follow up with the met souls regularly and bring them to the Church
5. Encourage and start a “prayer cell” in their camp and continuously pray and guide them to grow stronger in the Lord.

Communication Desk:
A communication desk is established through which all the information regarding the newly met souls is being circulated among Cell members to uphold them in prayers.
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